How to Borrow Books on Your Kindle Paperwhite?

April 11, 2018 Elizabeth Lapointe 0

Your kindle paperwhite gives you to borrow literature. That’s right; you do not necessarily have to buy those books. It isn’t quite the same as it was before e-books, but keep in mind the library?

How Exactly to Borrow Kindle Books from the Library?

Many general population libraries allow Kindle e-books to be tested. How exactly does this work? The e-book is made accessible to you for a fixed amount of time — the loan period varies by catalogue. If the loan expires, the e-book is no longer accessible to you, unless you take a look again or purchase it from Amazon’s Kindle Store.

You may make highlights, add notes, and include bookmarks in a borrowed library e-book. Those annotations are conserved even after the e-book loan expires, in the event you later decide to purchase the e-book or acquire it again see here kindle paperwhite reviews.

To borrow e-books, go to your local general public library’s website. When your library facilitates Overdrive digital e-book services, you can check out Kindle-compatible e-books. Note that you have to use your collection card, as you would when borrowing a printing book.

General public library e-books for Kindle e-readers are currently available only in America.

  • From your own library’s website, you can have the e-book delivered wirelessly to your Kindle through Wi-Fi. (They aren’t allocated over the 3G interconnection.)
  • Note that some web publishers allow catalogs to be transferred to your Kindle Paperwhite
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Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Which Amazon Kindle Is Best for You?

November 30, 2017 Elizabeth Lapointe 0

The Amazon Kindle e-book reader is the original creator of the e-book reading perception, it is also still the best e-book reader you can buy anywhere. While competitors like Barnes and Noble are now launching similar devices to steal some sales, most people still see the value of buying the Kindle.

There are 5 big reasons to look for the purchase of Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader instead of an unbeatable product from the competition:

Easy to Hold

The Amazon Kindle measures less than an inch thick and weighs only 10.2 ounces! Holding this device and reading is a lot like holding a smaller paperback book, except you will never have the hassle of turning the pages or trying to remember where you left off when you were interjected!

Easy to Download

You can download your books in just one minute and other files openly to the e-book reader through a 3G wireless connection. The device will hold maximum 1,500 books or the same of newspapers, magazines and other varieties of reading material, and there are over 450,000 downloads of books currently available! The number of available downloads endures to grow and currently, you can also read PDF files on Amazon Kindle. Read more.

Easy to See

The Amazon Kindle e-book reader screen is designed to evade glances and, in fact, it feels as if you are reading from the pages of regular books. When you are in a place

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Try Visiting a Reading Café

November 29, 2017 Elizabeth Lapointe 0

Have you ever been to a reading café?  It is a place where people who like to read go and sit back in a comfortable chair, at a desktop monitor, or in a small group and read or listen to eBooks while they relax and enjoy something to drink and a small snack.  There are few items served, although a person can buy a hot coffee or tea and simple refreshments like a bagel or biscuit.  But the main purpose of the place is to provide a comfortable atmosphere where people can read at their own leisure without interruption.

What’s the big difference between the café and a library one might ask.  First, the café permits some dining and drinking in designated areas, things that are strictly taboo in most libraries.  Second, the reader may bring any kind of reading materials into the café, and the café doesn’t provide reading material – except that which visitors voluntarily donate or leave behind.  Café goers bring along their reading materials and take them home with them.  They also may bring their Kindle or items they like to read with.  There is no dress code, however in many reading cafes visitors will be wearing casual wear bought with Groupon coupons from dealers like ASOS, the British-based clothier that specializes in casual wear and dress for young folks.  In fact, a reading café might often be mistaken for a student lounge or study … [Read the rest]


Is Nook the Best eReader?

August 3, 2017 Elizabeth Lapointe 0

The question on many reader’s minds is which eReader truly is the best for your money. Is Nook the best eReader or Amazon’s Kindle or some other choice? There are many quality choices when it comes to eReader, you simply have to spend some time researching them before purchasing one. checkout her latest blog post for more updates.

Many brands make these popular readers but it seems Nook vs Kindle are the two hottest sellers around. This is an incredible way to carry your interesting reads right along with you wherever you go. Many prefer a tablet as well which is like the Nook but with more apps installed on them with more functions as well.

The Nook is one of the most popular eBook readers on the market. Even though it’s so popular, some people get confused about which reader to buy so I’d like to point out some reasons why the Nook is so great. So let’s start with a little basics on what the Nook is. The Nook is an eReader that is marketed by Barnes & Noble bookstores. To date we have seen three stages of evolution for the Nook. When it debuted, most naturally it was just called Nook 1ST Edition. Then you had Son of Nook and finally Nook Dresses Up! OK, maybe that isn’t the real titles of each Nook edition, but I just couldn’t resist OK? for more details, go to[Read the rest]

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Battle of Top E-Readers: Nook Vs Kindle

August 3, 2017 Elizabeth Lapointe 0

Barnes and Noble made their own revolutionary step with the Nook Color. It was the first e-reader to feature a full-color screen. The Nook Color paved the way for tablet comparisons as you can do things with it similar to the things you can do with an iPad. You can watch videos, play games, and surf the Internet with the Nook Color. During this time, Amazon loyalists were left with the Kindle Touch, a touchscreen e-reader but is yet to have a full-color screen.

Not to be outdone, Amazon released their most popular product as of yet, the Kindle Fire. Prior to its release, it was dubbed as the possible iPad killer, prompting the Kindle Fire vs. iPad debate. But after it reached the hands of excited users, the Kindle Fire defined a class of its own. It was not an iPad killer but it was a whole new device. It was the first 7” tablet to feature a cloud-based web browser which made surfing the internet a breeze. It also featured a modified Android OS which means you can enjoy a lot of apps and activities that you normally do with other Android devices. The best part of it was you can have the Kindle Fire for only $199. Buy kindle as early as now.

E-readers are no doubt one of the most useful devices invented in the 21st century. It allowed us to steer away from the weight … [Read the rest]


Barnes & Noble Nook Vs Amazon Kindle – Which is the Best eReader?

August 3, 2017 Elizabeth Lapointe 0

The nook’s touchscreen is also used for browsing books in your library or for selecting books to purchase from Barnes & Noble over the wireless connection. A virtual keyboard is available on the LCD screen for typing. need more details? visit

The nook’s color LCD screen looks really nice and would seem to be a very desirable feature, but there are problems with the software implementation, which we will get to in a bit.

Amazon’s Kindle reviews oneReader has been the leader, at least in the US, of the eReader market since the introduction of Kindle 1 in 2007. Sony has held 2nd place with 30 – 35% of the market.

The nook is revolutionary primarily in its looks. It will be hard for your average gadget boy/girl to see one and not develop a serious craving. But does this mean that the nook is the best thing since the printing press for bookish boys and girls?

Let’s look at and compare some of the features of the nook and the Kindle eReaders.


The Kindle eReader has a 3G wireless connection through AT&T for the Kindle Global and Sprint for the Kindle 2. Amazon calls its wireless service “Whispernet”. Using Whispernet, you can usually purchase and download a book within a minute or less. You also can use the somewhat clunky but functional browser to access the Internet, check email, research your reading on Wikipedia, even access another … [Read the rest]