Battle of Top E-Readers: Nook Vs Kindle

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Barnes and Noble made their own revolutionary step with the Nook Color. It was the first e-reader to feature a full-color screen. The Nook Color paved the way for tablet comparisons as you can do things with it similar to the things you can do with an iPad. You can watch videos, play games, and surf the Internet with the Nook Color. During this time, Amazon loyalists were left with the Kindle Touch, a touchscreen e-reader but is yet to have a full-color screen.

Not to be outdone, Amazon released their most popular product as of yet, the Kindle Fire. Prior to its release, it was dubbed as the possible iPad killer, prompting the Kindle Fire vs. iPad debate. But after it reached the hands of excited users, the Kindle Fire defined a class of its own. It was not an iPad killer but it was a whole new device. It was the first 7” tablet to feature a cloud-based web browser which made surfing the internet a breeze. It also featured a modified Android OS which means you can enjoy a lot of apps and activities that you normally do with other Android devices. The best part of it was you can have the Kindle Fire for only $199. Buy kindle as early as now.

E-readers are no doubt one of the most useful devices invented in the 21st century. It allowed us to steer away from the weight and bulkiness of books as one e-reader could contain hundreds of paperbacks at once. E-readers have also made environmentalists happy as the number of trees that are cut for producing paper will be greatly reduced if ever less books will be published. learn updated information at

Amazon is to blame to the start of the e-reader revolution with their Kindle paperwhite reviews. Soon after, bookstore giant Barnes and Noble released their version of the e-reader, the Nook. It is now five years since the original Kindle and Nook were released and the two brands are still going at it. Which is winning the Kindle vs. Nook debate?

kindle readers

The design of each e-reader may have looked different today but they were very much similar yesterday. They both have the same color, the same screen size and almost the same number of buttons. Amazon steered away from the simple five-button reader when they released Kindle Keyboard. As the name suggests, this e-reader model consists of a keyboard which will remind you of BlackBerry phones. B&N decided not to follow suit with this type of model and they were right since it was never welcomed warmly be users. visit this website for additional tips.

B&N countered the Kindle Fire with the Nook Tablet. It was not as cheap as the Fire ($250) but it featured better hardware specifications. Physically, it looks like the Nook Color but inside it are the reasons why it is a better device. Its sales numbers were good although not as good as the Kindle Fire. People were caught by the Fire’s price and the Amazon label that is embedded on it.

We expect more devices from Amazon and B&N in the future. This means the Kindle vs. Nook battle will go on. But right now, Amazon gained an edge over B&N with the Kindle Fire.

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