Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Which Amazon Kindle Is Best for You?

The Amazon Kindle e-book reader is the original creator of the e-book reading perception, it is also still the best e-book reader you can buy anywhere. While competitors like Barnes and Noble are now launching similar devices to steal some sales, most people still see the value of buying the Kindle.

There are 5 big reasons to look for the purchase of Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader instead of an unbeatable product from the competition:

Easy to Hold

The Amazon Kindle measures less than an inch thick and weighs only 10.2 ounces! Holding this device and reading is a lot like holding a smaller paperback book, except you will never have the hassle of turning the pages or trying to remember where you left off when you were interjected!

Easy to Download

You can download your books in just one minute and other files openly to the e-book reader through a 3G wireless connection. The device will hold maximum 1,500 books or the same of newspapers, magazines and other varieties of reading material, and there are over 450,000 downloads of books currently available! The number of available downloads endures to grow and currently, you can also read PDF files on Amazon Kindle. Read more.

Easy to See

The Amazon Kindle e-book reader screen is designed to evade glances and, in fact, it feels as if you are reading from the pages of regular books. When you are in a place that is not expedient for reading off the screen, even you can let the device read to you out loud! This allows you to rest and relax while enjoying your reading material entirely stress-free.

Easy to Maintain

With a full charge of the battery, you can use your e-book device for up to a week! This may vary depending on the amount of time you spend connected to the wireless connection doing downloads and how many hours you spend reading a day, but the battery life is excellent even for bookworms who have a good time with their noses in the page.

Easy to Afford

In addition to paying $ 9.99 per book download, you will never have to pay service charges or extra fees to use your e-book reader. Simply make your original purchase and the 3G wireless Internet connection needed to complete your downloads is totally free for the lifetime of the device! You have to pay the download fees for the material you buy, but it just costs $ 9.99 per book download and you can continually read the first chapter of the book before deciding to make the purchase.

The wireless connection works in hundred different countries, thus you can even use your e-book device while on vacation or away for business. There can be a few fees for using your device in this way, however, it is a very economical way to receive news from home or read the books that are published in your home country while you are away.

The Amazon Kindle has been on the market for several years and there are very some complaints against it. Even there are more innovative versions available on the market that carry the technology of an, even more, e-book reader! For more information visit:

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