Is Nook the Best eReader?


The question on many reader’s minds is which eReader truly is the best for your money. Is Nook the best eReader or Amazon’s Kindle or some other choice? There are many quality choices when it comes to eReader, you simply have to spend some time researching them before purchasing one. checkout her latest blog post for more updates.

Many brands make these popular readers but it seems Nook vs Kindle are the two hottest sellers around. This is an incredible way to carry your interesting reads right along with you wherever you go. Many prefer a tablet as well which is like the Nook but with more apps installed on them with more functions as well.

The Nook is one of the most popular eBook readers on the market. Even though it’s so popular, some people get confused about which reader to buy so I’d like to point out some reasons why the Nook is so great. So let’s start with a little basics on what the Nook is. The Nook is an eReader that is marketed by Barnes & Noble bookstores. To date we have seen three stages of evolution for the Nook. When it debuted, most naturally it was just called Nook 1ST Edition. Then you had Son of Nook and finally Nook Dresses Up! OK, maybe that isn’t the real titles of each Nook edition, but I just couldn’t resist OK? for more details, go to

The eReader gets a bit more expensive the more advanced the functions are that are even built right into it. If you need a light when you read, you will definitely want to buy one with a built in light. But to save money you can forego the light. eReaders tend to be easier to hold in your hands than the thicker tablets. This comes in handy while simply reading an article or a book. It does seem a general opinion that the Nook is a bit more comfortable to hold in your hands though than the Kindle.

Both of these devices have 6-inch screens and infra-red touch screens as well. Customers have noted that the Nook turns pages a bit faster than the Kindle whitepaper case. This isn’t a big difference but to some people this might be an important quality for their eReader to possess.


In the end, there are many other brands and styles sold on the market that are very good eReaders. Take your time when choosing and you are sure to purchase an eReader that will offer you endless hours of reading pleasure. If it is between the Nook or the Kindle either one is a premier device that offers you top of the line functionality and dependability.

When it comes down to it as far as these readers go these two, the Nook vs the Kindle tie when it comes to performance and quality. Either one you buy will perform for you the way it should and super effortlessly as well. If you choose to purchase one of these eReaders you will be making a fine choice for an investment. Of course, feel free to browse around and make sure it’s one of these two you want.

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